Back in the gym

So just as I was getting back into a good rhythm and building the oh-so-important positive inertia, I got sick.  I spent about four days in a good solid feverish cold.  So obviously during that period I wasn’t working out.  Then I took a few extra days to make sure I was over it and wouldn’t cause a relapse by exercising too hard too soon.

Then I just skipped today because I was lazy (the bad inertia was in full swing).  But by eight o’clock at night I was going insane from antsiness so I went down to the gym and did my standard four exercise weight lifting routine for when I’m just trying to get some general exercise (bench press, pull up, leg press, standing military press).  Then I threw in some bicep curls because of reasons.

It was good.  Totally a “anything is better than nothing” type of workout.  I was planning to get up and get a run in tomorrow morning but the beauty of time zones means I have a conference call at 0630.  Which means that tomorrow’s workout is going to happen at some to be determined time.

I also know that I still owe my second half of the year goals post.  Working on it.  I’m playing around with charts and data in Excel and have gone down a rabbit hole.  I’ll try to get something interesting, clear and SMART soon.

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