Too exhausted to care

Turns out I’m not working out tonight. I was going to do Week 4, Day 3 of my push-up program which would have put me JUST BARELY on the outer edge of being on track with that plan. And then throw in a nice easy jog just to start up my workout streak again.

But I am completely toasted. I have got to go to bed and get my routine back in sync. And you know what? I am totally okay with that. I’m calling this a holistic fitness decision.

I’ll be ready to hit it hard tomorrow. Including figuring out what is going on with my Beeminder tracking.


2 thoughts on “Too exhausted to care

  1. Todd,

    Just so you know someone is reading your blog. I have added it to my RSS news feeds and check it quite often. I think you are way to hard on your self….. I am trying to get just some heart rate increase 5 days a week. So far maybe I have managed some excerise 4 days a week but it includes no push ups…… wonder how many I could do? I guess we will never know.

    Take care,

    Orangevale, Ca

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