Workout for Thursday, 7 February

I’m traveling in support of an unexpected personal situation.  My workout routine is completely derailed but I’m worried overmuch because of the reason and the nature of the travel.

However, a deal is a deal and a failure is a failure.  I am off the tracks with my Beeminder pushup goal because I chose to eat dinner last night instead of doing my workout (although I might have been off track anyway, the international date line is tricky and I haven’t figured out how to fairly account for its affect).

Anyway, we’re about to hit the road.  I got up this morning and knocked out Week 4, Day 1 of the Hundred Pushups app program.  120 total pushups in five sets with sixty second rest intervals.

Felt good to sweat.  Remember: especially during times of personal stress and emotional challenge, keep taking care of yourself.  When you’re stressed, it’s more important to maintain your routine as much as possible and take good care of yourself.  Other people won’t understand, but that’s not as importnatn as you think.



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