So I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I am completely and utterly out of a workout routine.  I’d include Garmin Connect screen snaps as proof but they’re just too depressing.  I haven’t worked out in two or three weeks (minus a 1500m swim I did this weekend to test out my Garmin Swim which was a Christmas present from the girlfriend).

I also moved this blog off of Tumblr to a WordPress platform.  I didn’t like the formats of the Tumblr posts and the interface wasn’t very nice.

The trick now is to get back in the saddle.  This is tricky; once you get out of a program it’s a tricky psychological maneuver to get back going.  It’s late here and I’m exhausted from a lingering cold and a poor night of sleep so I won’t elaborate right now.  In fact, this whole post is pretty incoherent and maybe even pointless . . . except that at least I’m doing something.

Which is the trick to getting my momentum back in more ways than one.  The perfect is the enemy of the good.  Let’s go out and do some good.  We’ll work on perfect later.

To 375 and beyond!

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