Caught back up

Last night was long workout push-up/sit-up night.  Nothing special to report.  Workout completed as planned.  I gotta say though that I feel really weak on push-ups.  Sit-ups don’t seem too bad but push-ups?  Yikes.  Trust the process, trust the process, trust the process …

Short hard run tonight to keep getting back on track with running.  Six short 100m hill repeats.  I chose a somewhat too easy hill just because it was close to home and it was already late when I started.  Next time I have the hill workout I have a b**** of a hill picked out.  Should be a good one.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 4-mile easy run, but in order to head off an ankle re-injury at the pass I’m going to switch it to a 40-minute bike ride. 

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