Workout for Friday, 26 October

Two workouts last night.  My “wildcard” night for push-up and sit-up workouts and a substitution cardio workout for what should have been a planned 5-mile easy run.

For the push-up and sit-up workout I did ring push-ups.  I hung my gymnastics rings about 3 inches above the ground from the frame of the Smith rack in the fitness center and did ten sets of ten reps of push-ups.  For sit-ups I did three sets of weighted stability ball crunches and three sets of weighted leg raises.  

After that I did three sets of ten rows.  I raised the rings up so that when I grabbed them and put my feet up on a bench (facing the ceiling) I was about 6-inches off the ground.

I enjoyed mixing up the PU/SU workout.  I’m going to take advantage of my wildcard workouts to do a lot of assistance exercises, strength work and other things to mix it up and keep it fresh.

For cardio I spun at an easy cardio rate for 40 minutes on my bike on the trainer.  For those of you who have never ridden your bike on the trainer 40-minutes FEELS like 120-minutes.  I must have looked at my Garmin every 90-seconds.

Tomorrow is the one-week point of my no running requirement.  I’m going to jump on the treadmill after a deliberate and thorough warmup and see how my foot/ankle feels. If it is good to hook, then I’ll go out on my scheduled long, easy run from LAST Sunday. If all that goes to plan then I’ll pick up my run plan with the schedule that I had before.

Here’s hoping.

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