The good old days

Today was a rest day for running.  Foot still feeling wonky.  I may have to skip my Tuesday hard run.  I hope not.  But maybe.

But, getting back to grueling things that DID happen on schedule, today was the first day of my new PU/SU improvement program.  In the new program, Monday is my PU/SU “long day”.

Two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of rest, one minute of push-ups, one minute of rest (twice), thirty seconds of push-ups, thirty seconds of rest (twice).  Same for sit-ups.  Some of you are grimacing in remembered disgust of this one.  This may have been the most common PU/SU workout I did during the time when I was trying to max the CPFT originally (and later the APFT).  I HATE this workout.

And you know what they say about workouts/exercises you hate to do: you probably suck at them and should be doing them.  Yup.  The truth hurts.

For all sets the key is to maximized continuous effort and number of push-ups even if it means going to your knees and doing modified push-ups.  The idea is to do as many push-ups as possible but also to keep your arms and body moving and minimize rest. For me it looked like this:


  • 65
  • 35
  • 25
  • 21
  • 17


  • 83
  • 43
  • 40
  • 22
  • 21

The push-up numbers are somewhat suspect (+/-10%).  The level of effort was such that attempts to remember what number I was on or finished on were a little sketchy.  It felt great.  I really like this workout.  And I really think it’s going to improve my performance.  Why?  Train as you fight.  And it sucked (see above).

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