200 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 6-miles, 4 Singha Lights and a partridge in a pear tree

Running six miles?  Not a big deal.  Running six miles at 1100 with little-to-no-shade under a tropical sun with all the elevation in one long climb right before the turn around point along a heavily trafficked road replete with car exhaust?  That kind of sucks.  I’m really going to have to make the effort to get up early and run before the sun comes out and tries to kill me.

On another note, I am really looking forward to the end of my current PU/SU program.  The sit-ups aren’t that bad but the cumulative effect of the push-ups is really starting to set in.  My traps, shoulders and triceps are constantly fatigued.  I can still reel off 20 push-up sets throughout the day but they hurt from the get go.

I didn’t get my run schedule posted this weekend but I haven’t forgotten.  I’ll clean it up a little and write post to explain why I chose it and some of the small changes I made to it and try to get it online this week.

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