Saturday rest day and Sunday’s “long” easy run

Today was the first long run of my running program.  It was only five miles, which is a distance that I’ve been running on my own during my training up to this point.   Nice easy run on my standard run route.  I only have two run routes from my apartment and one is much better than the other with regard to traffic.  I can see myself getting very, very bored over the next few months.

The five runs for about eighteen and a quarter miles is the heaviest running week I’ve done in a long time.  A long, long time.  My legs have definitely felt it.  My leg fatigue has been definitely noticeable although there hasn’t been any extra soreness which is good.  I’m going to stick strictly to the schedule for at least one more week to gauge my leg fatigue and settle into the schedule.  After that I’ll try to work in some biking and swimming for variety.

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