Friday: Last day of PU/SU boringness

Yesterday I actually woke up early (and even more amazingly actually got out of bed rather than just going back to sleep until the last possible minute) and knocked out my run BEFORE work. It felt great and I really liked doing my workout first thing in the morning. For years – and years and years – I worked out in the morning but without extrinsic motivation I haven’t been up to it for quite a while. Yesterday I finally did.

Today I woke up early again but I just didn’t have time to workout, cool down (I sweat gallons) and get ready in time to leave for work. I’d have to get up around four-thirty in the morning given my current commute. So I’ll have to revisit my time scheduling.

On to today: right after work I knocked out the standard PU/SU workout. Felt good. Felt really good. I was able to maintain a strong cadence through all five rounds of push-ups and didn’t notice my shoulders at all. Good things. Sit-ups were sit-ups. I’m glad I stuck with the boring routine for another week but it’s definitely time to mix it up. I’ll have to look around for some good workouts and plug them into the calendar.

Later in the evening I went out and took an easy 4-mile jaunt along my standard run route. Nothing exciting here, just some routine, boring, essential base building. Gotta pour steel into those legs.

I’m going to do one more week of the run program without trying to incorporate anything extra (i.e. biking or swimming). Once I see how I’m reacting to the additional mileage and what days and after what workouts I have energy and could squeeze in some extra work without impinging the next day’s training I’ll start to sneak back in some of my other cardio work.

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