Wednesday: Push-up and sit-up improvement

Same PU/SU routine as on Monday (spoiler alert: it’s going to be the same on Friday as well).  Felt a little bit better this time.  My body and brain are getting used to this particular form of physical discomfort again.  The body has a long memory for things if you’ve greased the groove enough.

I recorded my total volume for my PU/SU workout tonight (100/105).  I’m not sure if that’s going to be a useful metric or not since I plan on mixing up my workouts quite a bit but I figured better safe than sorry and as they say: “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  I think that works in this context.

I didn’t have time for a run (or swim) tonight which is disappointing but okay.  My legs are feeling a little dead from the past week’s workouts and I would much rather start at a moderate pace especially since I’m going to be ramping up my mileage over the next month.  On the bright side as well, I finished up my recurring scheduled evening commitments tonight so I will have a lot more time and scheduling freedom for my workouts.  And sleep.  Mmmmm … glorious sleep.

The plan for tomorrow’s workout is a 3-5 mile easy run (distance to be determined by a subjective measurement of leg “deadness” at the beginning of the run).

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