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The Best Breakfast Ever Cooked

A couple weekends back I was having a lazy Saturday morning and was using up some cupboard and refrigerator ingredients and the result was a simple but absolutely amazing scrambled egg meal.


I made about 3 strips of bacon then set them aside and poured out most of the grease, then I threw in a bunch of chopped up vegetables (mostly bell peppers and frozen, chopped up broccoli florets, but I think I used some mushrooms too).

After those had cooked for a while I lightly beat 2-3 eggs and poured them in.  Cook ’em up, towards the end add a small handful of cheese, season to taste.  Ohhhh, so good.  It was so good I made the exact same thing the next day and then over a week later (i.e. today) when I found this picture on my phone I felt compelled to post it here.

So the lesson here, kids, is make good food.  Then eat it.  It’s good.  There may be something more useful to learn there but I can’t think of it.