I worked out on Monday and Tuesday because I was feeling a lot better (relative to my cold).  My run performance on Tuesday wasn’t great and I coughed and hacked and sneezed up about a gallon of phlegm afterwards.  But I haven’t managed to kick the last lingering effects of the cold.

I’ve got some congestion and hacking cough left.  Because of that – and because of my inherent laziness – I took today off and didn’t lift or run (either of which would have been acceptable workouts).

But I’ve decided that I can’t go without regular workouts any longer.  Who knows how long it would be if I waited until I was 100%, unquestionably, perfectly healthy again.  I’m health ENOUGH.  I’m going to go ahead and pick back up with normal workouts tomorrow.  No health related excuses.  Hopefully I work through my last symptoms without a relapse.

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