I wish I knew how to use computers . . .

If something doesn’t work exactly as intended the odds of my figuring it out and getting it to work are slim to none.  That said, here’s what I wanted to post two days ago.

I went on vacation last week and spent a fantastic time with my extended family (father’s side) in the Pacific northwest.

I only “worked out” once.  And for a few days I was beating myself up about it.  Then I stopped worrying about it.  Here’s how my squirrel-like brain went through the process.
The weather where we were was wonderful.  (That’s alliteration people, look it up.  It’s a sophisticated rhetorical device.)  And the terrain and traffic (or lack thereof) were conducive to doing some nice runs as well.  On top of that I was on vacation, which means that I had all the time in the world to exercise.  But I didn’t.  And as I said, I was giving myself grief about it.  Until I thought about it.
I’m not training for a race.  I don’t have any money sunk into registration fees for an activity that I’m training for.  My physical performance and consistency (or lack thereof) have no significant impact on anyone. Furthermore, the primary focus of my exercise is to be healthy and fit enough to have a happy life, do outdoor activities with my family and friends and to compensate for my occassional poor nutritional choices.  WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING ALL WEEK!
When my dad’s family gets together we’re very active.  I spent pretty much all day of each day of the vacation outdoors: walking, hiking, kayaking, and playing bean-bag toss.  Don’t look at me like that.  The way we play it, it’s practically a sport.  Under those circumstances beating myself up for not doing workouts is kind of like a football player feeling guilty because he isn’t running wind sprints and bench presses on the sidelines between each play.
Having said all that however, I do have to admit that my workout routine has been a shambles lately.  The last two or three months have not been good and I have been particularly lame at pursuing my purported PT test goal.  However, since I’ve been back from vacation my work schedule has been much more flexible and I’m working out regularly in the morning before work.  It’s amazing and I’m getting into a good routine with it.
Look in the near future for a long delayed post where I’ll outline by goals for the latter half of the year.
By the way, if you’re ever in Coupeville, WA I highly recommend Kapaw Iskreme.

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