Back into a routine

Routine is super important.  I have always struggled to setup and maintain good routines in general and in my workout programs as well (excepting obviously my 14-years of routine Army PT).  But lately (very lately, like just this week and last week) I’ve started to settle into a good routine on several fronts.

I may elaborate on this further in another post but right now the only part I want to mention is my current push-up routine since it’s at least related to the (nominal) focus of this blog.  A (long) while back I finally achieved 100 push-ups in a single effort.  And then I totally shammed out and stopped doing push-ups (or much of anything) for a looooonnnnng time.

So now I’m getting back into it.  This week, immediately after I wake up, I knock out 35 push-ups.  I know that’s not much but it is important for two reasons: 1) I do it first thing in the morning so there is no chance for unplanned events to intercede and cause/allow me to skip it and 2) 35 is the new 20.  You see, twenty push-ups used to be my baseline “chunk”, meaning the number of push-ups I knocked out before I started considering breaks and that I counted to automatically and considered a benchmark number.  So now, I’m using 35.  And so far, doing 35 has been as easy as 20.  I do 35 and barely even feel it.  Which is good.

Next week I’ll bump it up to 40 and keep doing that until I can do it without any fatigue or strain.

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