Barely hanging in there

I’m just barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth to anything resembling a workout routine and my self-respect with regard to exercise and self-discipline.  I have a ton of excuses and I’m planning to write up a confession/way to avoid them in the future post but that will probably have to wait until sometime this coming week.

Tonight I’m going to post my run from yesterday – very cool run, proud I made myself do it – and confess that I totally skipped any kind of workout today for absolutely no reason.  Bad inertia.  [Shrug.]

The Girlfriend and I went up to Bangkok on Friday night because she was flying out at 0700 Saturday morning.  Rather than get up at 0300 to drive up there we used a free night certificate I had laying around to stay at the JW Marriott Bangkok.  It made for a nice evening in Bankok, a reasonable wake-up call, a short 30-minute trip to the airport and a chance for me to do a run in Bangkok with a place to go back to and shower, change and have breakfast before checking out and heading home.

It was an interesting and fun run and a cool route.  I’m going to add it to the growing list of run reports in the queue because it’s late here and I’m getting ready for bed.  Besides, I still haven’t found my camera’s download cable to put the pictures I took in.  For now here’s the basic data that I inputed into Garmin Connect (did I mention I forgot my Garmin?) and a snapshot of the route.

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.39.27 PM


That’s a 9:30 pace, by the way.  For some reason Garmin Connect didn’t calculate it from my data and wouldn’t let me input it manually.  I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before but I couldn’t figure it out this time.  No bid deal.  Kind of.

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