Workout for Saturday, 9 March

Pushup max effort test.  94 reps.

This time I actually pushed record on the video camera (so to speak).  I know the form isn’t 100%.  I wasn’t trying for form, I was trying for reps.  First, let’s do 100 pushups.  Then we’ll concentrate on doing 100 pushups without stopping.  THEN we’ll concentrate on doing 100 pushups without stopping with perfect form.

I’m happy with my progress.  I need to get my workout (and overall life) rhythm back together.  The 100 pushups program resets to the beginning of week 4 if you want to keep working so that’s what I’m going to do.  Starting tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Workout for Saturday, 9 March

  1. Todd,
    Your have inspired me. I am adding reps to my resistance training after seeing you persue the 100 pushups goal. I am setting a goal to do 100 chest presses. After talking to Ralph I have changed my approach. I am lowering the weight to get to the 100 first then I will raise the weight. So far I have done 3 sets of 34 presses on three workouts. I am only pressing 45 lbs. but I am doing 100 reps each day. I am adding arm curls to my work out going very slow using free weights as the machines just do not seem right for curls.
    Any I cut branches up in the yard today so that counts as my Wednesday work out.
    I am following your progress daily. I have put your blog in my RSS feeds and check every update.

    Orangevale, CA

    1. I’m using the exact same philosophy to get to 100 pushups. I’m going a little soft on my form (cheating a little bit) to get up to 100, then I’ll tighten my form back up until I can do the number I want at the form I want. Before I always held myself to strict form rules and there always seemed to be a plateau where I just couldn’t get any more/faster at that form. I’m hoping this will help me get over the hump. I also have done what you’re doing with the yard work: being outside and physically active = workout. Since most of my goal is just to be fit enough to “do stuff” and enjoy life, if I do those things I take the pressure off myself to squeeze in a workout too. Keep it up. I like hearing about your program. Thanks.

  2. Outstanding progress and effort — looking good, drive on, more PT, more PT! We will soon see you on the cover of some fitness magazine! You are well on the way to achieve your goals. Good job.

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