Workout for Thursday, 28 February

Week 6, day 1 of Hundred Pushups.

Ouch.  Unlike the last couple of training days where we were doing four double sets of fewer reps followed by one big set, today we went back to five higher rep sets.

photo (4)


This is a lot reps with only 60-seconds scheduled rest.  I have to confess that after the second, third and fourth sets I did give myself an extra 30-seconds rest.  And even with that I still had to break the reps up into a lot of chunks (using APFT standard rest protocols, naturally).

This was a challenging day.  Based on how this felt, I’m predicting a redo of weeks 5 and 6 after my final max effort test.

Another thing that I like about this program is the rep counts.  Instead of just using equal reps across all sets I feel like the pattern they’re using is a huge psychological boost (heavy in the front, “easy” sets in the middle and then a hard effort at the end).  It’s kind of like a mini version of wave programming (BTW there are much more sophisticated and informative explanations of this protocol across the web on sites like T-Nation and others but this is the shortest and sweetest).

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