The fitness tracking app conundrum

I used to (meaning before last Christmas) use Fitocracy.  I’m not really a huge fan of the online fitness community thing but that might just be because I’ve never really gotten into it and I haven’t in the past connected with too many people on the various platforms.  I’m willing to admit that failing to connect with other people may reduce the utility and enjoyment of fitness community apps.

Moving on.  After I got home from my unplanned trip to Michigan in February, my girlfriend got me to sign up for Tribesports because she and her running partner were on it.  So here’s the conundrum:  I don’t really like Tribesports.  I haven’t spent a TON of time messing with it, but just so far I prefer the interface and layout of Fitocracy.  So now I have to decide if I want to use Tribesports – where I have actual connections with actual people but I don’t really like the interface – or if I want to go back to Fitocracy – where I don’t know anybody but whose interface I find more appealing.  Either way I’m going to have to go back and meticulously enter a bunch of back data to get workout credit for all the exercise I’ve done lately that I haven’t entered into either of them.

The best/worst solution would be to simultaneously use BOTH of them so that I get to use Fitocracy where I enjoy the interface (best) but stay engaged with Tribesports so that I can interact with my friends and connections (best).  But that means double the work and double the data entry (worst).

The jury is still out.  We’ll see what I end up doing.  Whichever way I end up going (even if it’s both ways . . . that came out wrong) I think I’ll add a link to my [insert community fitness app name here] link into the sidebar so that folks can take a look at it.

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