Blink and you might miss it . . .

I had a max effort pushup test on the docket for today.  Went down to the gym, warmed up thoroughly.  Carefully arranged my iPhone using some dumbbells as props.  Got myself lined up just right to capture my test on video.  I figure this was good to a) check my form and b) double check my count since I tend to lose my basic arithmetic functions when doing pushups since all the blood gets squeezed out of my brain and my face turns purple.  Ready? 

Here we go:

So you may have noticed that there were no pushups in that video.  That was actually a video of me picking up my phone and realizing that I failed to turn on the recording when I went to do the pushups.  Yeah.

As a result I don’t have an accurate count of how I tested out.  But I can figure out a reasonable approximation.  I know I did 45-50 in the first chunk; then I rested and did a set of 10; I may have done another set of 10 but I doubt it; I know I did a set of 7, at least two sets of 5 and at least 3 sets of 3.  At the very end I did a couple couples (heh, heh) and a couple singles.  Conservative estimate: 85.  Top end estimate?  Broke 90.  I’m pretty happy with that.  I’ll go through week 6 of the program and then do a final test and see where I am.

[Amusingly, YouTube offered several options to “optimize” and “improve” the video quality when I uploaded it.  Talk about polishing a turd . . .]

2 thoughts on “Blink and you might miss it . . .

  1. Hey Todd,

    I do not know if you seem my comments but this will be the second on I have made.
    I have been inspired by your efforts. I am bumping up my Chest Press. I have only done
    3 set of 12 for ever. But now I am going to try to get to 100. So my first new set of additional
    Chest Press I did 2 sets of 20 and 1 set of 15. Over the years I have never increased the weight much so I will start think about add weight after I get to 100 presses in a work out.

    Orangevale, California

    1. Awesome! I know what you mean about doing a set weight/rep scheme forever. One of the main reasons I started trying to max the PT test is because I tend to reach a certain level of physical discomfort during workouts and then stay there forever. I tend to tell myself that if its unpleasant I must be getting better even if I’m not really challenging myself. So I needed some kind of goal to prod me along. Keep me up to date on what you’re doing.

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