Workout for Wednesday, 23 January

A nice 5-mile jog tonight.  Nothing special to mention.  I did wear my Vibram Five Fingers.  I hadn’t been wearing them much in the months leading up to Christmas because I was getting some muscle strain in my feet and Achilles tendon.  So 5-miles is the longest distance I’ve run in them in over 2.5-months.  Plus I wore them on a shorter run last week.  Which meant that in the morning after this run I was hobbling around a little.

Once I got warmed up for the day though I felt pretty good.  I plan to wear my running shoes for most of my running mileage but I’ll still rotate my Five Fingers in for some of my short to middle distance easy runs.  I’m not sure if or how much I want to try them on interval runs.  I’ll have to do some testing and decide.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 8.00.44 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 8.00.36 PM

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