Workout for Tuesday, January 22

Just a short swim workout tonight.  I was going to knock out a nice, easy 30-minute mile but I didn’t get started until late (thanks middle of the evening conference call for work!) and I just didn’t feel like grinding out another 10-minutes.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 10.16.35 PM

Two notes on tonight’s workout: 1) one of the main reasons that I’ve gone back to my self-regulated and designed, multi-sport, everyday, patented alternating cardio workout plan instead of using another pre-fab run program is for the flexibility it gives me to adjust to my real life schedules and also to regulate my effort to how I’m feeling physically.  2) I need to figure out how my Garmin Swim works.  I really like it, and I’m using it and it’s FAIRLY easy to use . . . but somehow I didn’t “end” my workout until 15-minutes after I stopped swimming.  So, yeah.  Need to work on that.

In closing:

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 10.16.55 PM

I’m not exactly sure what the take away is from this visual aid, and I sure as hell don’t have a plan to do anything with this data yet but “we’re paying for this stuff; look busy, will ya?”.


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