Workout for Friday, 14 December

There was supposed to be a workout for Thursday, 13 December, but instead I went to bed at 19.30 and woke up at 04.30.  I was pretty tired.  Bad habits and a lack of sleep discipline during the workweek catching up with me.

The upside though was that I was finally awake early and actually did my workout (6-mile easy run) BEFORE work.  Shocking!  For some reason my Garmin completely lost the data for this run, but I swear I did it.  Here’s the manually entered data I did based on what I remember from looking at my watch during my cool down:

My PU/SU gamesmanship failed as I skipped my workout for today.  I’m going to put some of the blame on the fact that I had a conference call for work tonight that threw a monkey wrench into my evening timeline.  I’m planning to do it tomorrow morning and may just change my “schedule” from M-W-F, to Sa-M-W since that’s what it ends up being most of the time by default.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Even if “em” is you.  But never if “em” is Navy.  Remember that boys and girls.

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