I missed two workouts

My third PU/SU workout this past week (which should have been on either Saturday) and my scheduled run – 10 miles on Sunday.

Believe it or not, despite my lack of public accountability I have executed (or wholeheartedly attempted to execute, more on that later) every workout on my schedule.  Until this weekend.  Part of it was laziness.  Part of it was a lack of motivation.  Part of it was poor mental attitude.  Part of it was self-pity due to work induced stress.  

But another part was conscious decision on my part to prioritize another scheduled activity that was part of another, higher priority in my life than even the 375 CPFT.  So, yes, I am disappointed that I missed these workouts.  I am disappointed that I succumbed to laziness and lack of motivation.  I am even more disappointed that I am losing out on the benefits of these skipped workouts, especially the 10-mile run which is a critical component of the run program I’m on and would have been a true physical challenge (no like the ones on Double Dare, you old bastards).

But I’m not beating myself up about it and I’m not going down the slippery slope of “oh well, I’m off schedule now, might as well …”.  Tonight I got right back on schedule with my planned PU/SU workout and I’m already planning for and looking forward to tomorrow’s 2 x 1600m.

Tonight’s workout:

(2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes rest) x 1

(1 minute push-ups, 1 minute rest) x 2

(30 seconds push-ups, 30 seconds rest) x 2

Repeat for sit-ups.

No, I still did not record the numbers.  Starting with my workout on Wednesday I am going to video myself and then watch it back later to get incontrovertible rep counts that I can use to push myself to work harder.  You can’t control what you can’t (or don’t) count.

Here’s to not going down the slippery slope.

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