Workout for Thursday, 25 October

Tonight’s workout was a “run substituted” swim interval.  I did a 10 x 50m hard effort workout.  I did 300m to warm up and 200m to cool down.  Overall a shorter workout than Tuesday and with more rest intervals, but hard sustained efforts and more total time and distance at a hard pace.

I like the workout and it felt good.  I coulda-woulda-shoulda incorporated some technique and skill drills before and/or after the main workout sets but I didn’t.  No equipment, not training for a triathlon or swim race, no observer to provide technique feedback.  Take your pick.  I did.

The data above is a little messed up because I screwed up one of my lap button – start button combos around lap 9.  I have no idea what happened but there’s a 50/50 chance I only did 9 work intervals.  Oh well.  I’m using a Garmin 310XT which is Garmin’s premier triathlon watch, but it is terrible at lap swimming.  

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