Whee! It’s a roller coaster!

Negative first:

  • I had to skip BOTH my push-up and my strength training workouts tonight because my shoulder isn’t 100%
  • I had a second bad run night in a row (this time at an easy pace on a treadmill!)
  • I’m frustrated that I’m experiencing setbacks so early in the process because I have a really challenging goal and every workout is important if I’m going to achieve it
  • I’m frustrated because I’ve decided I have to impose a plateau on my non-CPFT related training, specifically my strength training which I really enjoy and was going pretty well
  • Stuff like this (a couple bad days, low motivation, poor workout performance, skipping a scheduled workout or workouts) can be the beginning of the slippery slope …

Positive next:

  • My shoulder is feeling a lot better, not 100%, but maybe 85% and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be in good enough condition to do my “after” push-up test after the programmed rest days
  • It’s still early in the run program, and expecting linear progress is a fool’s errand; There are going to be good days and bad – improvements in fitness will always come from consistent effort, but they will not always come consistently
  • I think I figured out that a big part of my poor run performance the last two days has been due to inadequately warming up and I’ve got an idea of what I need to do to improve it that I’ll test out tomorrow
  • My strength training is at a good place to plateau; I’m above 75% of my target goals on all my powerlifting lifts and going to maintenance mode will free up time and energy to allow me to focus on improving weaker areas and achieving my PRIORITY FITNESS GOAL OF MAXING THE CPFT
  • I’m still excited and motivated about my goal and the process to get there, I really wanted to do the workouts I skipped for recovery purposes and wasn’t “relieved” to be getting out of them at all

Random last:

  • I think the injury to my shoulder was caused or exacerbated during my last strength workout: I did my push-ups first (200 in 7 sets) and then lifted, which means I was trying to cram myself into a good squat position with incredibly pumped/tight/sore shoulders and chest muscles; it was incredibly uncomfortable at the time and required a lot of stretching and modification from my normal position
  • 4 x 25 sit-ups tonight, doing sit-ups in FiveFingers with your feet under a metal bar is not comfortable
  • Tonight’s run (I forgot to start my Garmin and then proceeded to leave my Garmin clipped to the treadmill, hopefully it will be there in the morning):                        
  • I’m about to scroll back through the last two weeks of this blog to figure out what day of my 10-day PU/SU program I’m on
  • I have 3-5 days to figure out my next/new PU/SU improvement workout plan

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