Day five of ten

A thousand push-ups and five hundred sit-ups later …

I’m holding up pretty well.  So well in fact that I’m wondering if I should up the volume for the remaining five days.  Maybe 250 push-ups and125 sit-ups per day.  But I’m going to hold to a) trust the process and b) discretion is the better part of valor and stick with the plan.  The push-ups spread throughout the day are the easiest and I really dislike the push-ups en mass.  The sit-ups are sit-ups.  I just need to get faster at sit-ups so they’re not as big a challenge as the push-ups.

Easy four miles on the treadmill tonight.  The weather was fine but it was pretty late and I wanted to give my foot another relatively low impact day.  Combined with my running rest day tomorrow it should be enough to get my heel back up to 100%.  Although, I am now convinced that the footpod for my Garmin is not calibrated correctly.  As you can see from the run data at the end of the post, the Garmin footpod tracked at 4-miles, while over the same period the treadmill tracked 7 kilometers, so I missed about 3/8-mile somewhere.  I know that treadmill’s aren’t exactly finely calibrated themselves but I still think that next time I run outside I’ll recalibrate the footpod.

Another day down; this weekend I’ll try to remember to post my full run schedule for October and also my schedule for the final CPFT and the intermediate diagnostic.  As a special treat, I’ll try and figure out how to post the video that I took of my original diagnostic.  No promises though.

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