Half dead


I got a late start tonight on my workouts.  I didn’t get up early enough to do either my PU/SU or run before work so I had to do them both after.  But a last minute 7pm conference call, plus a follow up call after the main call mean I didn’t even leave on my run until quarter after eight.  And the fact that I even got out the door was amazing.  Motivation was low around six thirty.

Anyway, I went out on my scheduled interval run (4 x 800m with 400m recovery intervals) and was halfway in to it before I realized that maybe I should have done my PU/SU work before I totally smoked myself running.  Oh, well.  Something else I realized: this is the first time I have ever done timed 1/2-mile intervals.  I’ve done quarter mile intervals a bunch of times, but never halfs.  Which showed itself, oh, immediately; because I had no idea how to pace myself through even one 1/2-mile interval much less four.  I bonked hard on the last one.  Nonetheless it was a good workout (among other reasons because it sucked) and one of the main reasons I picked this particular run program was that it has a lot of long interval sets.

So here are the numbers for tonight’s run:

My PU/SU workout is worthy of a long saga itself but it’s really late and I’m really tired.  Let me just mention here that I am ridiculously proud of my push-up workout tonight and even if I’m completely crippled and can’t even dress myself in the morning it was totally worth it.  And if I’m not I give all the credit to chocolate milk.  The sit-ups were okay too.  Bottom line: 200 push-ups in nine sets with two minute rest intervals and 100 sit-ups in “speed sets” of 25 with one minute rest in between.

Not bad for a night when I almost didn’t get off the couch.

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