A new, but still boring, PU plan . . .

I picked a new plan for push-ups this week.  I found it the way that everyone finds everything these days: on a Google search.  I was cruising through a ton of search results and found this one on Military.com (http://www.military.com/military-fitness/workouts/try-pushup-push-workout).  I liked it for a bunch of reasons:

1) It’s simple.
2) It’s high volume.
3) It claims to over a significant increase in my one set maximum in a short amount of time.

So for the next 10-days I will be following this plan which is basically to do 200 push-ups a day; either as a single workout done in as few sets as possible or throughout the course of the day.  

Push-up workouts really subscribe to the paradox of choice.  There are so many things you can do and honestly most of them are probably going to work.  Let’s face it, if your goal is to be able to do more push-ups and you just DO MORE PUSH-UPS, you’re probably pretty close to the solution.  I have a bunch of old workouts from my past, from friends, from the internet … so I just grabbed this one out of the ether and we’re going to knock it out.

One component of this routine is a couple days of rest at the end followed by a two minute push-up test to see the effects.  Check back in two weeks and a day to see how I do.

(Sit-up plan pending.  To be determined before I workout tomorrow.)

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