Thursday Run Workout: 4 x 400m, 200m recovery

Short, hard run this morning.  I did a little warm-up and cool down jogging but otherwise stuck to the schedule.  Four repeats of 400m hard running followed by 200m of recovery running (i.e. very slow jogging). 

I really hate the area around my apartment for interval running.  It’s a busy pedestrian and vehicular area with irregular footing.  I need to do some reconnaissance and find a running track or path that I can use for my intervals, especially when they get longer.

I ran the first 400m harder than I probably should have since I kind of wanted to set a new (recent) PR for the quarter mile.  It still wasn’t a 100% effort but pretty well run.  It’s a little discouraging to think that in order to achieve my goal I need to run FASTER than the pace of that first quarter mile for an entire two mile run test.

No one said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it.

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