PU/SU improvement and an “easy 4-mile run” tonight.  I felt really good during the push-ups; my core felt really engaged and I maintained really good pace throughout each set.  My shoulders didn’t get nearly as fatigued as they typically do.  I’ll go ahead and finish up this week doing the same routine but next week I’ll definitely be ready to mix it up and try something more challenging.  Sit-ups were sit-ups.

My schedule called for an easy run and I tried to do that but it actually felt more like a “slow, hard run”.  My legs were really dead and my pace was pretty slow.  I’m going to take solace in the common wisdom that most people do their slow days too fast and their fast days too slow.  Yeah, let’s go with that. 

Tomorrow is a short, fast day of 400m intervals.  I’m going to break a cardinal rule and predict that I will get up and run in the morning BEFORE WORK.  (The cardinal rule by the way is “never tell them what you’re going to do, only tell them what you have done”.)  But the whole point of this blog is to shame myself and leverage public accountability to do what I should do but wouldn’t otherwise.  We’ll leave the discussion of motivation and discipline and self-discipline until later and just hope that I can haul my lazy butt out of bed in the morning.

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