Friday: Push-up and sit-up improvement

Round 3 tonight of the same PU and SU cycle I did on Monday and Tuesday.  Total volume was 102 and 112 respectively.  Nothing exciting in the workout itself.  I am thinking ahead to next week though and trying to figure out how fast and hard to push.

COA 1 is to do three more days (1 full week) of the same 30-sec, five round PU/SU workout and then ramp up the following week.  This seems safe and reasonable and incredibly boring and hard to look forward to or get excited about.

COA 2 is to do … something … else … yeah.  Still working on that one.

Also, if anyone can tell me the approved solution for how to write “push up” and “sit up” (spaces, no spaces, hyphens, no hyphens) I would appreciate it.  Citations would be nice but not required if you sound trustworthy.

Oh, and I deferred tonight’s run until tomorrow.  Still planning a 4-mile tempo run.  I’m really excited for next week because that’s when I kick off my official, high-speed, low-drag run training program.

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