Monday: Push-up and sit-up improvement

So today I went old school. So old school that I actually couldn’t remember what part of the workout was and had to improvise.

So the best (meaning crappiest) PU/SU workout I remember from school was a 2 min/1 min/1 min/30 sec/30 sec ladder that I used to do alternating with my roommate.

Considering my performance on Saturday I decided to go a little more modest tonight and did 30-sec each of elevated, wide grip, regular, close grip, and granny pushups. Since this is the first time I’ve trained PU in … years … I decided to use a one minute interval instead of the normal 30-sec interval.

For situps, since I did okay on my diagnostic there, I did 30-sec intervals with 30-sec rest intervals. Feet elevated Rockys, feet elevated, regular Roclys, and then regular twice to make five sets. I couldn’t remember if there was another type we used to work in there. I think there was.

So not a bad workout for my first time in ages. I’m looking forward to improving and being able to ramp up the intensity.

300, here I come.

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